catherine renaud baret

films expérimentaux

Depuis toujours, je pense, je lis, je parle en images. Je suis une boulimique d'images et dans ce monde où les médias chaque jour en fabriquent des millions, je ressens un besoin urgent d'inventer les miennes. Je veux voir ce que j'ai envie de voir.
Longtemps j'ai travaillé sur une seule image à la fois, un tableau, une photographie, une gravure, pendant des heures, en les mêlant, en les triturant jusqu'à ce qu'elle me séduise dans une écriture claire.
J'ai découvert depuis peu, parce que cela est devenu abordable pour tous, la magie du cinéma, et là, dans un même temps,  au lieu de faire une image, je peux en faire quinze mille ou vingt mille et même plus.
Ces images je les ai prises autour de moi, dans mon atelier, sur ma table, dans mes placards. Mais toutes parlent de mon univers intérieur, de ce qui se passe dans ma tête, dans mon corps, dans mon cœur.

Since always, I think, I read, I speak in images. I am a compulsive eater of images and in this world where the media each day manufacture million of them, I feel an urgent need to invent mine. I want to see what I have desire for seeing. A long time I worked on only one image at the same time, a painting, a photograph, an engraving, during hours, by mixing them, by triturating them until it allures me in a clear writing. I discovered recently, because that became accessible for all, the magic of the cinema, and there, in the same time, instead of making one image, I can make of them fifteen thousand or twenty thousand and even more. These images I took them around me, in my workshop, on my table, in my wall cupboards. But all speak about my interior universe, from what occurs in my head, my body, my heart.



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 dans les jupons

Under the petticoat: the ties binding mother and child. The eternal drama about that relationship

 La machine

The machine : science fiction about people operating in a strange place to capture lungs on babies. It is a bank of lungs and babies are waiting and disappeared in a sewer just behind the hospital


 Le grand sommeil

Deep sleep : dreams are coming from the sound of a plane. Fear, reflect of himself in a strange surrounding, loss and the subconscious of his inside world.

 meandres du fleuve monde

In the meander of the river world : dreams images into the loss of the  life meander. Half conscious half dream during the meditation in front of a river


 La naissance

The birth : a new machine called the electrons box is making babies : they look like real one but they are not.



 La chute

A body is falling into the deep water. A machine will help for a while to get him up, but helpness. A metaphor for our world helped by the technologie but harassed by human mentalities

 Il est interdit de passer

Forbidden to cross : There is a line where it is forbidden to cross, and this line does not exist for those who want the war

 La guerre des poupées

La guerre des poupées : the dolls war. In a world of technology, the human are replaced more and more by dolls that move like robots without  thoughts and  with only one goal: to walk


 Devant la porte

In the front door there is all the outside life, the people passing through, even someone looking by the window, but there is no path between the inside and the outside. Nobody wants to know what is happening in the inside. We always stay at the border, in front of the door


No: this video was made specially in the memory of all the mothers who suffered during the repression in Argentina. It is the interior voice of one of them.


Vacuity: a woman alone in her mind is suffering with the emptiness of her world. A little doll moving and the desert through the window are all what she have


 La gardienne de l'âme

The soul guardian : alone in a corner of Saint Sulpice church a little puppet is taking care of all the soul lost in the virtual world.



ecorche: art and science; an ecorche in a world of art in front of paintings. An ecorche is all what can remains of a human, and  my paintings will remain when I will be dead. An allegory of what survive in our world of mortals.


ghosts: The planet is so old, and so many people died that we are still surrounded by them. They are our memory. They are around us.

 La femme et la mer

The woman and the see: we are coming from the water and our dream is to finish in the same water. The see has his mystery too big for us. We are lost in front of it. It is like to come back in the amniotic liquid of the mother.

 cet oeil qui vous regarde

this eye is looking at you: during all your life there is an eye looking permanently on you. It is the eye of your conscience.

 My baby, don't cry

My baby don’t cry : a woman along with her baby  is in a complete loneliness. Along an empty corridor it is the world of the couple “mother, child” alone in their world.


 La chambre

the room: The place where all your dreams, your fears, have their own life. You spare your nights with them and they stay as a little box in your mind wher you can hide all your secrets.

 Les mains

The hands: hands have their original life a little bit apart from our mind . Sometimes in the real world , sometimes in a virtual one and we never know exactly where they are.

 Je veux

I want : I want to go in the world of human,. I want to suffer, I want to roll in laugh, tears and alcohol.I want to be multiple, brutal, mean. I want to speak, exchange the absurd and the inexplicable. I don’t want to stay with my cat in a white, clean world.....


ange  L'ange

The angel: we are surrounded by angels and in the deep water, a man's body is a vision of one of them.

 Limite de r├ęsistance

At the limit of resistance: the earth is strange,wild, impredictable and in the mildness of the air,everywhere the twigs prick at the limite of bearable


Rage: a blind man is waiting for an operation and the rage and the fear are inside him,

 Le sentiment des choses

the feelings of things: When you look at a landscape with a little bit of fog, your imagination is ready to see others things which does not exist but you see them, like a mirage in a desert.

 Les pigeons le savaient

pigeons knew it: Half of a woman was found deep in the water. We don't know what happens but if the pigeons could talk, they all know about it.


Wreck: Is it myself under the water or the little dolls of my childhood?  We have to look very deep under the water, to save from the wreck all our joy and the remain of our childhood, the innocence and the creativit

vieillesse Vieillesse

The old age: The time is printing the skin with hollows, furrows, scratches, but the joy of living is still there and always will be.


Bonds: to the rhythm of a rolling body, solid bonds chain, tie, bog down this body which aspires to liberty

 Ouvre les yeux

The planet is in danger, but very few people are ready to open their eyes.The danger is always far away from us, and life continue like if nothing happens


metamorphose:human being is double, black and white, angel and devil, child and old. we have all that inside us, and we change very quickly depending the situation.

 Le silence

The silence: In a country, in a desert, the only noises are the wind and the money in exchange of a young woman. We even don't hear the lamentations of the oldest one


Mad: green eyes are looking on you but they look  from an other world

 Le labyrinthe de la solitude

The labyrinth of loneliness: after the disappearance of his family a man is confronted to his loneliness

 La poupée

The doll: when a little girl plays wih her doll, she can persecute her. But later on the persecutor can be at his turn a victim

dimanche un dimanche à la campagne

sunday in the countryside: a peaceful day, the winter is coming, the children play, sleep, think. there is in the air a feeling of quietness and spleen

rire Le rire

the laugh: sometimes we laugh for nothing and it is specially true when you live with someone who never laughs

colombe Comme une aile de colombe

the wings of a dove:  reflexion in images around a painting I did some months ago. An interior eye on that painting which goes in the complete inside of it

La ligne rouge

The red line : In the palm of an open hand a red line grows and draws a path where we can walk into memories


Gender: The biological clock ticks, she is urged to dedicate the prime of her youth to procreation. She has to relinquish  her hold over life: quit her job, loose  her identity, to sink into the mother’s loneliness. She waits an improbable husband, lover, companion, in front of an empty windows while her sound space is crammed with baby’s cry. Until finally, when the children are gone, she can eventually join back the human group and its activities in the common home through a lit up window..